There was a time in our life that we felt we had no where to turn. We reached out to friends, therapy, AA, and NA. Our son came to us and told us that he had an addiction and he needed help. He was 17. Our hopes and dreams for him felt like they were crumbling. A friend of mine told me she had heard good things about a group in Newtown called Parent Connection. My husband and I drove the 45 minutes to give it a shot. I can’t even begin to explain what we felt with this group. We continued to attend weekly. The support, guidance, and knowledge that we received was our lifeline. They were there for us through everything. It didn’t matter where or when we needed support, Parent Connection was there. We literally felt as though we had an angel watching over us. This group provided us a connection to a community that needs to rely on each other to understand and navigate a disease that has taken hold of our society. We were not alone. We will always be indebted to Parent Connection. What they do matters and should be recognized as an organization that provides compassion, caring, support and friendship when families need it most.

Sandy & John

You wonderful ladies provided the only guidance I could find when I was trying to save my daughter from addiction

Rey R

There is not a single program that we have more respect for than your Parent Connection. You have been a lifesaver for us on so many occasions.

Anne & Tom

I am forever grateful to you and the members of the group and know that I can show up any Thursday to ask questions and to hear others stories which help give me clarification to my own situation.
Thank YOU.


“…I credit Parent Connection for helping me to build solid relationships with my children. Their classes taught me what I didn’t know I didn’t know about parenting and prepared me for some pretty difficult situations. Consistently applying what I learned didn’t come easily, but the team was always available when I needed a little help from time to time.

Fast forward: the reward has been watching my children grow into independent, healthy young adults. Parent Connection has my deepest respect…”


As a pastor as well as within my own personal circle of life, I have referred several parents and families of those struggling with addiction to the Newtown Parent Connection. I have always found them to be very caring and responsive to their particular needs at the time. I know of no other group who deals as skillfully with the unique needs of parents of addicted young people. The support group enables them to tap into the insight and experience of others who, as only they can, appreciate and understand the dilemma these parents face. After years of such work the staff of the Newtown Parent Connection has built up a wonderful group of resources that they readily make available to parents and young people in need. The most frightening part of discovering that your child has an addiction is to have no one who truly understands the struggle, desperation and fear that comes with that realization. I wholeheartedly endorse the Newtown Parent Connection and recommend it without hesitation to any parents or family members who find themselves in such circumstances.

Father Joe Donnelly, Sacred Heart Church, Southbury CT